Pick Elderflower heads from the garden, hedgerows or roadside. Makes 2 litres INGREDIENTS: 2 sliced lemons 2oz Citric Acid (available from chemists ) 3lbs granulated sugar 20+ Elderflower Heads 2 1/2 pints boiling water METHOD: Mix all the ingredients together in a maslin pan or…

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Lemon Squash

Here in the H&M Kitchens we've had a go at making Lemon Squash.  It's really simple;  tastes so refreshing and is extremely satisfying to see the clip-top bottles lined up on the self. Makes 2-3 x500ml bottles Ingredients 7-10 unwaxed Lemons 650g Granulated Sugar Method…

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Victoria Sponge Cake – Gluten Free

After much struggling with gluten free baking, we have conquered the Victoria Sponge. Usual Victoria sponge recipes are 6oz, 6oz, 6oz and 3 eggs, however this recipe uses 8" sandwich tins, increasing the ingredients to 8oz, 8oz, 8oz and 4 eggs makes an impressively tall Victoria Sponge.…

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Vanilla Christmas Cookies

We're loving the new Booths Christmas book, especially this recipe which is included. These biscuits are so easy to make and taste delicious. Ingredients 200g unsalted butter 200gcaster sugar Pinchof salt 1 large egg, beaten 1tspvanilla extract 400gplain flour plus extra flour for dressing  (we’ve used Gluton…

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The Mary Berry Collection

THE MARY BERRY COLLECTION We are very excited to be stocking the new Mary Berry Collection.  We can only describe it as elegant, beautiful, stylish and functional.  Its got the lot - what us northerners would say :  useful, practical and looks good too !…

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